Yoga at the Iris Center

Hello Yogis and Yoginis, hope you are all well and keen to revisit Yoga at the Iris Center.

Wendy will be offering a Tuesday morning class over the summer from 9:30 to 11:00 and all are welcome. Wendy’s class is eclectic and gentle with a focus on breathing, attunement to your experience, and learning to relax and let things be.

Rachel Barrett will be in town for a short while and will be offering a few classes as well so stay tuned for her schedule.

Weather permitting, all classes will be held in the Greenhouse studio, which at this time of year can be cool or very warm so please dress accordingly. In case of thunder storms, classe will be in the building studio. Also, as in past years, classes are offered freely with invitation “to pay it forward” through gratitude donation as you are able.

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