Bioethics Services

Bioethics is a branch of Ethics that concerns itself with the moral domains of the life sciences from medicine and health care to ecology and the environment. Dr. Cook began his studies in Bioethics at St. Thomas University in Fredericton and entered part-time interdisciplinary PhD studies in Bioethics at the University of New Brunswick receiving his PhD in 2003.  His study experience included time at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University and The Joint Centre for Bioethics, University of Toronto.  Dr. Cook’s thesis integrated biological concepts into bioethical reflection and analysis and at the invitation of Peter Lang Academic Publishers Dr. Cook refined and published this work in the American University Studies – Volume 202, entitled Issues in Bioethics and the Concept of Scale, in 2008.

In 1990 Dr. Cook began the Bioethics Service at River Valley Health where he also worked as a plastic surgeon and has continued offering his services as a Bioethics Consultant to the now regional Ethics Service of Horizon Health Network, New Brunswick’s largest health authority.  The Ethics Service provides a wide range of services to Horizon Health Network and Dr. Cook’s primary interests and services are concerned with Bioethics Education within the health authority through the provision of weekly clinical ethics ward rounds and a monthly Bioethics Grand Rounds that is videoconference throughout the region.  Dr. Cook also provides bioethics consultation services for the health authority’s Ethics Service.

Dr. Cook also provides private Bioethics Consultation services for individuals or families struggling with various moral concerns in the domain of health care and medicine.  Consultation services are also available to public and corporate organizations and institutions seeking guidance in the domains of Bioethics.  For information and to book a Bioethics consultation please call Dr. Cook at The Iris Center for Mindfulness, Peace, and Healing at 506-457-4747 or contact him by email . Please be sure to identify your request as a Bioethics consult.

Dr. Cook is a longstanding memeber of the Canadian Bioethics Society.

Link here for various Bioethics reources.