Social Distancing

Given the current situation with Covid-19 virus and what we now know about it (is more deadly than regular flu and up to 15% who get sick will need hospitalization, for every 1 confirmed positive there are 10-50 others who also actually have it – and may not know it yet – and without social isolation are spreading it, without social distancing everyone who has it spreads it to at least 2.5 others and infection rate doubles every 3 days so becomes exponential in just a couple of weeks) our most effective action to slow the spread and effect of Covid-19 is intense and strict Social Distancing. Since Monday March 16, all yoga, group sessions and individual appointments at the Iris Center and Dr. Cook’s practice have been cancelled. We have begun offering these individual appointments through video conferencing on Zoom and also for some by telephone. We are looking into how we might continue to provide some of the group sessions by Zoom as well.

If you are feeling unsettled and overly distressed and would like some help please feel free to call the office, 452-7116, or email, info@iriscenter, for assistance.

Please continue to check our What’s New post for further information and updates. In the meanwhile, soft belly breathe to help you feel settled, be responsible, think of others and take good care of yourself.


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