Registration Memo for MCL Program

Mindfulness & Conscious Living Program

Mindfulness & Conscious Living is an 8-week, 9 session, training program aimed at the development of strong resilience, self-regulation and self-management capabilities.  The Program is experiential and each session builds on the learning from the previous sessions so a commitment to attendance and home practice is critical. You will only get out of the practices what you
put in to them! The first session is an Orientation/Education Session offered monthly on a Friday afternoon from 1:30-4:30. This sets the stage for the 8 weeks of training, that is usually offered three times a year, Fall, Winter and Spring and gets you
started with some basic practice.

Prior to the 8 weeks training you must have:

  • an individual Consult with Dr. Cook
  • participated in the group Orientation/Education Session

Your consult may occur before or after the Orientation Session.

Registration for the 8-week training takes place at the Orientation Session.  That is, if you wish to do the 8-week training, you must sign the Registration Sheet at Orientation and indicate your preferences for class time. We
call you and organize the Program based on the Registration Sheet and on a first come first serve basis, so please do not neglect to sign up if you are interested. We usually offer Wednesday evening, Thursday morning, and Thursday afternoon classes.  There is often a wait list for the evening class and you may have to wait for another cycle to begin if it is full.

The program is a part of Dr. Cook’s medical practice and is covered by the Department Health and includes a mid-program interview (30 minutes), which you will need to schedule once your program starts, and a Silent Retreat Day (9:00- 4:00) near the end of the program to strengthen your practice and learning.  You will register for this early in your program as well.

Our office is smoke and scent free so please be respectful of this for yourself and others. Also, since people sit and lie on the studio/group floor, please do not wear outside footwear in the studio room.

We have ample parking. When attending the office for individual consultations please park at the front, upper, parking area and enter through the front door. When attending for group programs please park at the rear, lower, parking lot and enter through the door at the end of the building.