The Iris Center


The Iris Center is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making available to people and society the space and environment to foster the full development of mindfulness, peace and healing in their lives and in the community both local and extended. The Center offers various workshops, experiential sessions, and other training opportunities guided by respected and qualified teachers and facilitators.


The vision of the Iris Center for Mindfulness, Peace and Healing is to sustain the possibility for all to experience peace and to live
well and suffer less in the face of living our lives.


The Iris Center holds true to the core teachings of all Wisdom practices:

The ethics of non-harming of self or other (including non-human Nature).

Respect for self and other

Kindness, gentleness and friendship toward self and other

Curiosity and interest in self and other

Harmony and balance within self and other.

Clear and concise communication with self and other.

Attuned relationship with self and other.

Diversity and Integrity within self and other.

Generosity (Dana)